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Annelies M. Florida Attorney

"I cannot say enough nice things about Nota, Tim, and the entire M&T team.  The Nota software is amazing- it makes my life so much easier.  I get reminders when I have any trust activities and follow-up reminders if I get busy and don’t get to the task.  I’m no longer concerned that I missed a trust activity- Nota does the worrying for me.”


Benefits of Nota

Operating Accounts

Digital client sub-accounts

Create and track client matters

Direct Annotations

Custom transaction notes

Notate transactions so you can see what they are for

Bank Reconciled-1-1

Link to your Bank

Sync transactions from your Bank to Nota

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3-Way Reconciliation

See the balancing of your adjusted trust, Nota client ledger and book balances

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Custom alerts

Get notified for untagged transactions and cleared check

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7-year digital paper trail

Enjoy peace of mind

Say goodbye to trust accounting challenges, simplify compliance

and get back to the work that matters: helping your clients.

Together, Nota and The Florida Bar bring you a platform with a transparent view to help make trust management effortless. Register Today!


Scott Westheimer
President of The Florida Bar

“With Nota, our members have access – at no cost – to the latest in trust accounting technology and a provider who can help them focus on the growth and continued success of their practice.”

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