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Maintain and manage your
firm’s finances all in one place

Nota offers business checking and trust account management that integrates into the workflow of your law firm.
With 3-way reconciliation, check printing, and tool integration with your practice management, accounting and payment systems, Nota is banking designed to maximize your efficiency and offers transparent pricing and dedicated support from bankers who know attorneys.


Our Features

Business Checking Management

Set up categories and track income and expense items like payroll, rent, court fees and client payments. All money in and out of your checking account can be assigned to a category and tracked to the penny. Plus you can create instant transfers between your Clients’ Funds Trust Account (IOLTA / IOLA) and business checking account in a trackable, audit-ready format.

Trust Account Management

No more using spreadsheets or ledgers to track your client balances. All money in and out of your Clients’ Funds Trust Account (IOLTA / IOLA) can be assigned to a client matter and reconciled in real-time right down to the penny. Use Nota’s 3-way reconciliation report to support the reconciliation process. And you can print checks from your Clients’ Funds Trust Account (IOLTA / IOLA) to your home/office printer.

Trust account management

Simple Pricing

Our pricing is simple - there is no charge for Nota. When you open an M&T Bank business checking account with or without an Clients’ Funds Trust Account (IOLTA / IOLA), there are NO monthly maintenance fees, NO minimum balance requirements, higher mobile check deposit limits, and more.²


Connect your bank account with the tools you use every day and eliminate the time spent working between two systems. Nota works in collaboration with major practice management, legal payment and accounting platforms to optimize your efficiency.

Service Support

Premier Service

Nota’s customer success specialists are here to help you with all your banking needs. Supporting only attorneys, they understand the tools, requirements and workflows of your law firm. And they take your business just as seriously as you do.

Member Benefits

Enjoy extra benefits tailored to the unique needs of running a law firm such as no-cost access to an ethics credit CLE through LawLine.


Exclusive Bar Relationships

We value legal community collaboration and have built strong ties with Bars in our region, sharing a common objective of empowering lawyers for success. Our latest initiative involves partnering with The Florida Bar to provide an exclusive member benefit, enhancing resources for lawyers' thriving practices.


Complimentary eBook: Avoid banking headaches as a small firm attorney. 

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Get the whole picture.

Nota’s integrations connect your everyday law firm and banking tools together into a unified system. Information moves automatically from your practice management, legal payment and accounting platforms into Nota so you can save time and focus on your most important work.


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Enroll today, no charge.

Nota is easy to use and quick to set up. Best of all? There is no cost for the Nota platform.

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