Nota, by M&T Bank. Banking built for lawyers to simplify IOLTA Management. – Only Nota, by M&T Bank, uses information directly from your bank account, so you can easily organize and reconcile client funds in real time.
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Why Nota?

We created business banking solutions designed specifically for solo and small law firms that help address inefficient workflows, provide sophisticated money movement functionality and quality customer service. Bank when and where you want so you can focus on the important stuff - your clients and the communities you serve.

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How did Nota begin?

After many conversations with attorneys, we wanted to improve and overcome the many challenges that come with running a solo or small firm. We first tackled one of the biggest pain points attorneys face - IOLTA management. We’ve mastered all the intricate in’s and out’s of an arduous trust account reconciliation process and streamlined it so it can be done at the touch of a button.

Our Mission

We are committed to building a digital bank for attorneys to transform solo and small law firm banking experiences.

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