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Simple Pricing, Powerful Features.

Business Checking & Clients’ Funds Trust Account (IOLTA / IOLA)

Effective 9/6/2022

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$0 Monthly Maintenance Fee

  • No Minimum balance requirement
  • No transaction requirements
  • No charge for official checks
  • No charge for stop payments
  • No charge for first check order
  • Higher mobile check deposit limits1
    Starting at $50,000 daily; $100,000 monthly
  • No charges for outgoing domestic wires2

The advertised pricing is for new-to-bank customers that open both an M&T Clients’ Funds Trust Account (IOLTA / IOLA) and M&T Simple Checking for Business account and enroll in Nota.

Common Fee Schedule: You must be enrolled in Nota for the schedule to apply. Even when no monthly Maintenance charge applies, other transaction and service fees may apply, including overdraft fees. Click here for M&T Bank Standard Fees.

1. Additional limits are available on an exception basis with prior bank history.

2. No charge for outgoing domestic wires up to $1MM (in US Funds) within the Nota Application, when performed at the branch no charge for outgoing wires up to $2MM. Outbound domestic wire functionality is available for Clients’ Funds Trust Account (IOLTA / IOLA) and M&T Simple Checking for Business accounts in Nota. The customer must be a law firm with 10 or fewer partners, members, or managing members. Counsel, of counsel, associates, paralegals, support staff, and those in similar roles are not included for purposes of determining whether a law firm qualifies for the advertised pricing. M&T Bank’s standard deposit account and service fees still apply for those that are not enrolled in Nota.

For all other bank related services refer to M&T Bank Standard services and pricing:

Treasury Management
Merchant Services
Personal Accounts

Seamless Integration

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Get started in 3 easy steps


Sign up for Nota

The platform that links your business
checking and Clients’ Funds Trust Accounts (IOLTA / IOLA)


Open your bank account

Open your business checking and/or
IOLTA account online


Connect Nota

Connect Nota to your M&T
Online Banking account

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Call 1-800-724-1313 or email sales@trustnota.com
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