<img height="1" width="1" style="display:none" src="https://q.quora.com/_/ad/1fc39a3687c042b3a3e2749da1d6fa61/pixel?tag=ViewContent&amp;noscript=1"> Nota, by M&T Bank. Banking built for lawyers to simplify IOLTA Management. – Only Nota, by M&T Bank, uses information directly from your bank account, so you can easily organize and reconcile client funds in real time.

Nota has you covered with cloud-based IOLTA management and

special pricing on your M&T Simple Checking for Business account.


Nota's IOLTA management features

Enjoy the following features to help manage funds and improve firm efficiency

  • One-click reconciliation reports
  • Real-time bank account integration
  • 7-year digital paper trail
  • Virtual client sub accounts with smart reconciliation
  • Custom transaction notes
  • Custom alerts for untagged transactions, outstanding checks and more
  • Check printing
  • Integrations with Quickbooks® and LawPay®
  • Customer Success Specialist

Nota's Bundle Pricing

(M&T IOLTA + M&T Simple Checking for Business) 

Qualifying customers receive best-in-class pricing on top bank features once enrolled in Nota1

  • NO monthly maintenance fees
  • NO transaction requirements
  • NO minimum balance requirements
  • Waived charges on incoming and outgoing wires²
  • Higher MOBILE check deposit limits:
    $50,000 daily; $100,000 monthly

    Standard features include:
  • M&T online and mobile banking
  • Check images
  • Complimentary starter check bundle and official checks
  • M&T Relationship Banker
  • Customizable debit card

If you open up an M&T Simple Checking for Business account and do not enroll in Nota,

you receive the following standard pricing and features:

Top Features

  • No monthly maintenance fee3 if at least one of the requirements below is met:
    • Complete five (5) transaction itemswithin your monthly statement period
    • Maintain an Average Ledger Balance of $2,500 or more
  •  No charge for first 100 transaction itemsper month and first $5,000 currency deposited or supplied per month5
  • Account management using M&T Online Banking for BusinessMobile for Business and ATMs
  • Comes with an M&T Business Debit Card with chip technology


Monthly Maintenance Fee


Additional Transaction Items Fee

$1.00 per transaction, in excess of first 100 checks paid, checks deposited, deposit tickets (whether physical or created virtually in connection with an ATM, mobile, remote check deposit or other electronic deposit), ACH credits and ACH debits

Paper Statement Fee

$2.00 (waived if account is enrolled in electronic delivery and does not receive paper statements)

No cost
trust account
Concierge service

3 easy steps to enroll in Nota



Open your M&T IOLTA and Simple Checking for Business accounts




Sign up for M&T Online
Banking for Business



Sign up for Nota - the tool that links your operating and IOLTA accounts for seamless management

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