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Account Overview

Common fee schedule


Business Checking & IOLTA



Business Checking




Account pricing1 $0 monthly maintenance fee $0 monthly maintenance fee $0 monthly maintenance fee
NO cost Nota platform and features icon_check icon_check icon_check
NO minimum balance requirements icon_check icon_check icon_check
NO monthly maintenance fees icon_check icon_check icon_check
NO transaction requirements icon_check icon_check icon_check

Higher mobile check deposit limits: $50,000 daily; $100,000 monthly

icon_check icon_check icon_check
NO charges on incoming / outgoing wires icon_check icon_check  
NO charges on incoming / outgoing ACH icon_check icon_check  
NO charge for official checks icon_check icon_check  
NO charge for first check order icon_check icon_check  

Note: You must be enrolled in Nota for this fee schedule to apply. Even when no monthly maintenance charge applies, other transaction and service fees may apply, including insufficient funds (NSF) and overdraft fees. Click here for a list of common fees.


Nota features

These features are included at no cost with all three account options

  • Cloud-based platform
  • Real-time bank account integration
  • 7-year digital paper trail
  • Integrations with practice management, legal payment and accounting platforms
  • Check printing
  • Custom transaction notes
  • IOLTA one-click reconciliation reports and virtual client sub-accounts
  • Custom alerts for IOLTA untagged transactions and outstanding checks 
  • Custom categories to track business checking transactions

Clio Integration    QuickBooks Integration    Lawpay Integration 


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