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Getting Started With Nota

  • What is Nota? Open or Close

    Nota is a digital banking platform that provides total visibility into all of your bank accounts and integrates with legal technology, giving you a real-time view of your client matters, revenue, and expenses. We work strictly with solo and small law firms and provide the service and concierge team that best supports your practice. Currently, we focus mainly on trust and business checking accounts, with Nota you can also have the option to view your personal accounts.

  • Why is Nota different? Open or Close

    Nota is exclusively focused on solo and small law firms. We have created a tailored banking experience to meet the needs of your law practice. We provide you with a dedicated bank team to answer your questions and understand your business. We would love to show you how Nota compares to other banks.

  • What is the cost of Nota? Open or Close

    Nota is a no-cost platform. There is no additional charge to use our system.

  • How do I get started with Nota? Open or Close

    Meet with our Attorney Banking Consultant and receive a demo of how Nota works and integrates with your firm. When you decide Nota is right for you, we will connect you with our Customer Success team and a dedicated Nota Banker to walk you through the process of onboarding.

  • How do I access Nota? Open or Close

    Currently, you can only use Nota on your computer, you will have access to your M&T Mobile Application if you need to view your accounts on the go, but Nota can only be used on a computer. You access Nota through your web browser, you do not need to download anything.

  • I don't use Clients’ Funds Trust Account (IOLTA / IOLA), does this still work for me? Open or Close

    Yes- Nota’s platform has great features for the business checking account. You can tag transactions in categories based on income and expenses as well as customizable categories however you run your practice. You also have the option to print checks right from Nota out of your Business Checking Account.

  • How can the customer service be better than what I already have? Open or Close

    We have dedicated bankers who work exclusively with solo and small law firms to understand your business to work best with you. We work to set up your accounts, and onboard onto the system so that you feel confident.

M&T Bank Services (Business Banking)

  • How does Nota relate to M&T Bank? Open or Close

    Nota partners with M&T Bank. M&T Bank is a fortune 500 Bank and was founded over 150 years ago. They are headquartered in Buffalo, NY, but currently service over 14 states across the North East and in Florida

  • Already bank with M&T Bank? Open or Close

    If you already bank with M&T Bank it is a simple transition to start using Nota. We integrate with M&T Bank accounts so all you have to do is sign up for Nota and link your accounts to the system. Your accounts remain the same and you will just need to meet with our Customer Success Team to get your Nota account set up and linked with your current bank accounts.

  • Can I keep my current bank accounts or do I have to open ones with M&T Bank? Open or Close

    You would need to open new accounts if you don’t currently have an M&T Business or Attorney Trust account. We have dedicated bankers that will assist you with this process of opening new accounts and assist you in how to move your funds, should you need help. If you already have M&T Accounts we will help you link your accounts with Nota.

  • What if I need to use a branch when I am with Nota? Open or Close

    We do have branch locations in 14 States. Locate a Branch near you. We have clients in FL who don’t use a branch and find that this solution works for them from a fully digital process. You can connect with your dedicated banker via phone, email, and video chat should you have any questions. 

  • Where are your branch locations? Open or Close

    Nota has found great success working with its clients digitally via video meetings and DocuSign. If you do prefer to have a branch location. M&T Bank does have many branches across the northeast. Locate a Branch near you. You can connect with your dedicated banker via phone, email, and video chat should you have any questions. 

    Nota provides you with a dedicated banker so you don't need to rely on branch hours or a 1-800 to answer any questions you may have with your banking. 

    We now have branches in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. 

  • What does funding look like? Open or Close

    You have multiple ways to fund your accounts. Including visiting a branch to deposit cash or check. You can wire the money from one bank to another. Most of our attorneys will use M&T Bank’s Mobile Application to make a mobile deposit during their onboarding meeting to fund their account. Connect with us if you have any questions about your options.

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