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Remote account opening and banking

Bank when and where you want.

Open an M&T Bank IOLTA account without leaving your home or office. Our concierge bankers will get you up and running in no time. And with Remote Check Deposit from M&T Bank, you can deposit checks right from your phone.1


Digital client sub-accounts with smart reconciliation

Easily account for every penny in real-time.

No more using spreadsheets or ledgers to track your individual client balances. All money in and out of your IOLTA account can be assigned to a client, and reconciled down to the penny. Since Nota is connected with your bank account, you can easily organize and reconcile client funds in real-time.


Bank account integration

Keep your IOLTA account continuously reconciled.

Reconcile with the click of a button. Our built-in bank account integration helps prevent compliance mistakes before they happen. Get notified when checks clear your account and digitally transfer funds between your IOLTA and operating accounts to help minimize overdrafts.


Controls that help keep you compliant

Don’t fear the audit.

Minimize the risk around commingling funds or overdrafting. Never worry again if your account is out of balance. Track all outstanding payments and create a reconciliation report with the click of a button. Create custom notes for all transactions and enjoy peace of mind with a 7-year data retention period.

Real-time tracking of client funds, custom transaction notes, 1-click reporting, and more

Everything you need in a cloud-based smart IOLTA account management solution. Built from the ground up for attorneys with attorneys.

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Online Integration

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