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Back to Basics: Six Steps to Success Post-COVID

Heather Abissi Author : Heather Abissi | March 27, 2024

The six steps below can help guide your firm into a bright post-COVID future

1) Stop! Exhale, check-in with yourself –. Are you ok? Take the time needed to decompress, and get to a stable, well mental state before implementing change.

2) Clean house – balance those books, take care of your filing, gather necessary resources for online/virtual appearances and new court demands

3) Find your passion – Who do you want to help? What area of practice brings both your expertise and potentially a new area of practice together?

4) Set your firm identity – Once you find your passion, make it clear in your firm's efforts with marketing, visibility, meetings and lectures so you become known for that focus. If other practitioners become aware that is your passion, you will attract referrals.

5) Flexible implementation of firm goals – It doesn’t matter whether you choose an in-office, hybrid, or fully virtual office model, what matters is that it works for you and your practice. Perhaps it will take some trial and error for you or your and your staff to decide on the office model that best suits everyone’s needs, which is understandable. However, you should remain firm and unwavering on the goals you have for your firm. Being flexible does not mean diminishing your vision.

6) Never stop learning (and don’t stop believin’!) – the law changes every day and so should we. It only takes 90 days to set a new routine. You are 90 days away from running a brand new future oriented firm that exceeds even your current expectations. Never be afraid to learn something new and try something different.

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