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Change doesn't have to be hard

Heather Abissi Author : Heather Abissi | March 27, 2024

Change doesn’t have to be hard.

Change is hard. We’ve heard it said a thousand times. I’m sure we’ve all said it at one time or another. Here’s the truth though: Change isn’t hard, our own resistance to change makes it hard. Repeat that again quietly to yourself.

The only thing that prevents change from being easy is our own resistance to breaking an old routine and starting a new one. We are all guilty of this resistance, but wow is it an unhelpful trait.

Our own stubborn adherence to things that do not work, means we have zero opportunity for growth.

One area this is particularly troublesome is in the practice of law.

Lawyers must be able to adapt and grow or they get left behind because the law changes every day, fluid with its interpretation. Similarly filing procedures, court rules, and part rules are frequently subject to change.

Yet law firm after law firm will hold tight to their overly complicated and exorbitantly expensive billing software, when there are amazing freeware options available.

One such example is M&T Bank’s NOTA, which was designed specifically with lawyers in mind. NOTA allows lawyers to easily track client funds, as well as firm funds, and to reconcile them direct from bank records. Unlike many banking software programs, which can have errors in importing records from the bank, NOTA records are bank records.

The best part is that NOTA speaks with many prominent banking software programs, so you don’t have to worry about manually importing information. With NOTA you can pick up where you left off --- minus the fee and aggravation.

Commit to yourself for 2023 that change is good! Make a change for the good of your law firm and set up a free demonstration of NOTA.

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